• Accelerate the shift from traditional operations to cloud outcomes

      Dell EMC PowerOne is a new all-in-one system that harnesses the power of Dell Technologies, bringing together compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and data protection into one streamlined autonomous infrastructure system. With all-in-one simplicity, autonomous operations, and flexible consumption options, PowerOne can accelerate your organization's shift from traditional operations to modern cloud outcomes.

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    • Watch the video and learn how autonomous infrastructure can accelerate outcomes and transform IT.

    • PowerOne – Converged Infrastructure System & Cloud Automation Platform

      Introducing Dell EMC PowerOne

      View a recap of our recent webinar to discover what autonomous infrastructure can do for you.

      Jeff Boudreau, President- Infrastructure Solutions Group, and Trey Layton, SVP -PowerOne Engineering, talk about the next generation of all-in-one simplicity and autonomous infrastructure from Dell EMC.

      Watch the Webinar
      Watch the Webinar
    • PowerOne – Kubernetes Controller

      Dell EMC PowerOne

      With all-in-one simplicity and unmatched autonomous provisioning capabilities, Dell EMC PowerOne transforms IT operations and helps accelerate your organization’s journey to modernization in the cloud era.

      • PowerOne Controller: Powered by Kubernetes, Ansible, and a microservices architecture, the PowerOne Controller automates thousands of tasks1 and enables the deployment of work load-ready clusters with just a few clicks.2
      • PowerEdge MX: Kinetic infrastructure optimized to support multiple generations of technology.
      • PowerOne Networking Fabric: Open networking fabric automated to near zero-touch.
      • PowerMax: A multi-controller, active/active scale-out architecture - NVMe done right..
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    • Decrease Complexity, Increase Outcomes

    • Built-in automation for the modern data center

      • Meet the cloud era on your terms with the unique autonomous infrastructure capabilities of PowerOne. Deploy robust, workload-ready vSphere clusters with just a few clicks2 and reduce manual tasks by 98%4, saving time and money across the entire lifecycle.

        • Reduce Risk: Factory-built and pre-validated, PowerOne saves you time and greatly reduces risk by converging all components ahead of time, so you don’t have to.
        • Save Time: With the PowerOne Controller, Launch Assist, and the PowerOne API, you can accelerate deployment and speed your time to production.
        • Save Money: PowerOne delivers lifecycle management, end-to-end system monitoring, and automated expansion processes to make ongoing operations efficient and safe, saving the costs that come with outages, maintenance, and lengthy upgrade processes.
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        Launch Assist - Guidance to initialize the system, optimize for VMware platforms, and simplify the configuration and deployment of vSphere clusters tailored to the exact needs of your workloads.

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        Lifecycle Assist - Automates time consuming and labor-intensive lifecycle management, saving thousands of manual tasks, lowering risks, and enabling you to focus on future innovation while maintaining reliable and secure infrastructure.

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        Expansion Assist - Ease the process of expanding system components and lower the risk of adopting of new technologies.

    • PowerOne Resources

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      Solution Overview

      Discover the features and benefits of PowerOne autonomous infrastructure.

      Read the Overview
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      Top 10 Reasons

      Learn how running PowerOne in your data center can transform from traditional operations to cloud outcomes.

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      ESG Whitepaper: First Look

      Enterprise Strategy Group's first look at the PowerOne system.

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      Moor Insights Whitepaper

      Moor Insights and Strategy's evaluation of PowerOne and its impact on data center operations.

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    • Dell Technologies on Demand

      More choice, flexibility and assurance in how you consume IT infrastructure

      Dell Technologies On Demand offers a consumption-driven, as-a-service optimized business model ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and expertise is consumed in the on-demand economy.

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    • Services & Support

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      ProSupport for Enterprise

      Highly trained experts around the clock and around the globe available to address your IT needs, minimize disruptions and maintain a high-level of productivity.

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      ProDeploy for Enterprise

      Integrate new Dell EMC PowerOne technology into existing environments with confidence through extensive planning and validation by expert certified engineers.

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      Dell Financial Services

      Acquire Dell EMC PowerOne Converged System on your terms with a variety of flexible payment solutions from Dell Financial Services.**


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    • 1 Based on internal Dell EMC testing, Sept 2019. Analysis of manual steps replaced by PowerOne automation on a 16 node 4 chassis system over 5 years. Actual results will vary. G19000374

      2 Based on internal Dell EMC testing, Sept 2019. Analysis of manual steps replaced by PowerOne when automating VMware cluster creation on a 16 node 4 chassis system. Actual results will vary. G19000375

      3 Based on IDC WW Quarterly Trackers for Converged Systems, Cloud IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Storage Systems, Server and Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Systems, Q1 2019, Vendor Revenue. G19000265

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