• Modernize Campus Network Infrastructure with Dell EMC.

      Dell EMC N-series is a family of energy-efficient, cost-effective 1GbE and 10GbE switches designed for modernizing and scaling Campus network fabric.

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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch N1100 Series Switches

      Fully managed ONIE enabled, Open Networking switch, ideal for fast-growing GbE networks that require layer 2 switching, high-density aggregation and seamless redundancy and availability.


      Offered in six configurations:

      • 8 port copper and PoE
      • 24 port copper and PoE
      • 48 port copper and PoE
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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch N1500 Series Switches

      Upgrade aging access networks with GbE Layer 3 Lite managed PoE+ switches with 10GbE uplinks that deliver up to 40Gbps throughput when configured in a 4-unit high-availability managed from a single IP address.


      Offered in four configurations:

      • 24 port copper and PoE+
      • 48 port copper and PoE+
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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch N2000 Series Switches

      Streamline campus networks with PoE+ capable GbE Layer 3 switches that support MLAG and 12-unit stacking with multi-gig N2128PX-ON powering and supporting latest wireless access points.


      Offered in 5 configurations:

      • 24 port copper and PoE+
      • 48 port copper and PoE+
      • 28 port multi-gig 1G/2.5G PoE+
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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch N3000 Series Switches

      PoE 60W-capable GbE switches for Layer 3 distribution/access with MLAG and stacking support.


      Offered in 6 configurations:

      • 24 port copper, fiber and PoE+
      • 48 port copper and PoE+
      • 32 port multi-gig 1G/2.5G/5G PoE+
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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch N4000 Series Switches

      Modernize campus networks with 10GbE switches for Layer 3 aggregation that feature multi-chassis link aggregation (MLAG) and 12-unit stacking.


      Offered in 4 configurations:

      • 32 port copper and fiber
      • 64 port copper and fiber
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    • Open Networking across the Campus: Now, that’s a switch

    • Dell EMC N-series is a family of energy-efficient, cost-effective 1GbE, 2.5GbE, 5GbE and 10GbE Open Networking switches designed for modernizing and scaling campus networks. Customer’s choice includes Dell EMC enterprise-class layer 2, layer 3 feature set with OS 6 or select third-party network operating systems.


      Delivering a great choice of number of PoE and number of ports, they are ideal for powering wireless access points, voice over IP phones, surveillance cameras, building automation and Internet of Things.

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      Open Architecture: ONIE enabled switches that support enterprise grade network operating systems with comprehensive layer 2/3 feature set.

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      Reliable networking: N-series operates on a carrier-grade Linux kernel and supports active-active deployment with Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG), non-stop forwarding and hot swappable power supplies.

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      Grow without rip-and-replace: N-series provides open standards-based solutions that interoperate with other vendor products in a heterogeneous environment with simple, intuitive management interfaces.

    • Services and Support for Campus Network Infrastructure

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      Dell EMC product support

      Ensure the latest information is in your hands, by checking the Dell EMC product support page for software, tutorials, manuals, and more.

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      Networking certification

      Gain needed proficiency to optimize Campus Networking solutions with professional training and certification from Dell EMC.

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      Network training classes

      Install and administer networking solutions to branch environments with Networking Campus training from Dell.

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