• Networking solutions help optimize your data center based on an open ecosystem where organizations can pick from innovative, industry-standard network applications, OS and hardware.

    • Explore PowerSwitch Data Center Open Networking Switches

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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch S Series 1GbE Switches

      1GbE ToR switches designed for reliable server/storage aggregation in the rack and cost-effective deployment.

      • A family of low-end switches with superb performance and low latency
      • Achieve more agility, more choices and lower costs
      Explore S Series 1GbE Switches
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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch S Series 10GbE Switches

      10GbE ToR switches designed for flexibility and high performance for today’s demanding workloads and applications. 

      • A family of mid-range switches that enable you to find the ideal solution for your specific data center in-rack needs
      • Delivers low latency, superb performance and high density
      Explore S Series 10 GbE Switches
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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch S Series 25+GbE Switches

      25/40/50/100GbE ToR switches built for building high-capacity network fabrics that are easy to deploy, cost-effective and provide a clear path to a software-defined data center. 

      • A family of high-performance, high-density switches
      • Achieve optimum density, cost-effectiveness and performance
      Explore S Series 25+GbE Switches
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      Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z Series Switches

      100GbE and 400GbE core/aggregation switches designed for building optimized data center leaf/spine fabrics of virtually any size

      • A family of flexible, multi-rate 100GbE and 400GbE, high-performance switches for the future-ready data center
      • Provides the flexibility to stay ahead of data needs rather than reacting to them
      Explore Z Series Switches

    • Products                       Description Key uses Options              

      S Series 1GbE switches



      Low-end 1GbE open networking ToR switches for smaller data centers Cost-efficient in-rack connectivity for servers and storage platforms and choice of OS


      S3100 Series

      S Series 10 GbE switches



      Mid-range 10GbE open networking ToR switches for medium sized data centers High-performance in-rack connectivity for servers and storage platforms and choice of OS



      S4100-ON Series

      S4200-ON Series

      S Series 25+GbE switches



      High-end 25/40/50/100 GbE open networking ToR switches for larger and demanding data center environments Highest-performance in-rack connectivity for servers and storage platforms and choice of OS



      S5200-ON Series



      Z Series switches



      High-end 100GbE core/aggregation switches for building highly scalable data center leaf/spine fabrics Highest-performance core/aggregation switching connecting racks and choice of OS



    • Open Networking solutions for the software-defined data center

    • The Dell EMC vision of the new data center networking model is an open ecosystem in which organizations can take their pick from innovative, industry-standard network applications, network operating systems and network hardware.


      Open networking solutions enable IT managers to build an application-agnostic infrastructure and simplify data center management with standard automation tools and standards-based open platforms.

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      Industry Leader: First vendor to offer the disaggregated networking model

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      Innovative Products: Delivering networking systems with state-of-the-art technology

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      End-to-End Solutions: Integrated best-in-class networking, servers and storage solutions with global services and reach

    • Networking Data Center Switches Resources

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      Customer Story: British Telecom

      BT and Dell EMC Team Up to Research Software-Defined Networks

      Working together to explore how disaggregated switching can create flexible, open networks

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      A new network to power tomorrow’s campus

      University of North Florida delivers improved system performance and excellent user experiences by replacing legacy technology with software-defined networking

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      Customer Story: Eurofiber

      Dell EMC Networking Chosen for Eurofiber’s DCspine to Enable IT Transformation

      Dell EMC Networking solutions to act as high-performance switching backbone for Eurofiber’s DCspine platform

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      Dell EMC Networking Overview Brochure

      This brochure provides details of the Dell EMC Networking product portfolio.

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      Quick Reference Guide – Data Center

      This guide provides high-level details of the Dell EMC Networking data center switching products.

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      Dell EMC Networking Data Center Product Portfolio

      This document provides a single page overview of the Dell EMC networking portfolio.

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      Dell EMC Networking Virtual Rack

      Take a look at the broad Dell EMC Networking product offerings in a virtual rack configuration.

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      A Practical Guide for Moving to 25GbE in Your Data Center Networks

      This whitepaper provides details of migrating to 25GbE in-rack connections from current 10GbE using Dell EMC 25GbE switches.

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      OS10 Enterprise Leaf-Spine Deployment and Best Practices Guide

      This guide provides details of deploying Dell EMC OS10 Enterprise.

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      OS10 Enterprise Quick Start Guide

      This guide provides details of installing OS10 Enterprise.

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      Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking

      This publication covers Dell EMC data center networking placement.

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    • Services & Support

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      Networking Consulting

      Dell EMC network consultants provide expert guidance to help you optimize and transform the network environment for the demands of today’s multi-cloud infrastructures.

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      Networking Deployment

      Leverage the Dell EMC ProDeploy Enterprise Suite to get your network installed and configured.

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      Networking Support

      Gain access to ProSupport technical experts who can assist with your most complex networking challenges.