• Payment Flexibility Program

      Offers that help take the pressure off your IT budget.**

    • Low Rates

      0% interest

      Interest-free financing for 24 or 36 months on datacenter infrastructure products and services.

    • Deferred payments

      180 day deferrals

      Defer payments across the portfolio and services. 90 days for commercial laptops and desktops and 180 days for datacenter infrastructure products.

    • Short-term options

      6 month terms

      Support remote working and learning initiatives with six, nine, or 12 month lease options on commercial laptops, desktops and workstations.

    • 90 day partner relief

      90 day partner relief

      For qualified channel partners, extended 60 and 90 day invoice terms are available through our Dell Technologies Working Capital Solutions Program to help partners better manage cash flow.

    • Why Leverage Payment Solutions?

      Dell Financial Services (DFS), part of the Dell Technologies family, delivers innovative payment solutions for hardware, software and services, allowing your organization to align and scale the cost of IT solutions with technology consumption and budget availability. 

    • Portfolio of Payment Solutions

      DFS offers a variety of payment solutions that allow your business to implement strategies in a financially responsible way.

      Explore the four categories of OPEX-oriented Payment Solutions that can be used to purchase hardware, software, and services below.

    • Flexible Consumption Solutions

      Pay for technology as you need or use it

    • Flex on Demand Payment Solution

      Flex on Demand

      Acquire elastic capacity and only pay for what you use. Choose your total deployed capacity and minimum usage commitment. Scale your usage up and down to match workloads

    • Pay as You Grow Payment Solution

      Pay as You Grow

      Grow at your own pace with customized payment solutions to support forecasted growth, flexible deployment schedules, deferrals and pre-provisioned upgrades

    • Datacenter Utility Payment Solution

      Datacenter Utility

      Establish a pay per use environment across your entire IT infrastructure

    • Technology Refresh

      Implement a regular rotation cycle to optimize useful life

    • PC as a Service Financing

      PC as a Service

      Combine hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into a predictable price per seat per month

    • Fair Market Value Lease

      Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease

      Obtain regular technology upgrades and lower your total cost of computing

    • Ownership

      Manage cash flow by spreading payments over time

    • Finance Lease Payment Solution

      Finance Lease

      Acquire affordable technology through budgeted payments

    • Technology Loan


      Make predictable payments for ownership of hardware, software and services

    • Dell Business Credit Payment Solution

      Dell Business Credit^

      Leverage a revolving line of credit for fast and simple technology acquisition

    • Software

      Financing solutions for software, including service & maintenance

    • Transformational License Agreement Software

      Transformational License Agreement (TLA)

      Customize a software agreement that offers unprecedented flexibility in the way Dell Technologies software titles are consumed and maintained – especially as requirements change over time

    • Flexible Software Payments Solution

      Flexible Software Payments

      Acquire the software you need today and meet your budgetary needs with flexible payments

    • About Dell Financial Services

      About Dell Financial Services

      • Dell Financial Services (DFS), part of the Dell Technologies family, is a global provider of innovative payment and consumption solutions.
      • DFS supports all customers, from consumers to small businesses up to the largest global corporations. 
      • DFS can finance any hardware, software and services solutions, allowing customers to choose how they want to consume their technology. 
      • We deliver end to end solutions across Dell Technologies, channel partners and distributors in more than 50 countries, financing over $8 billion annually.
    • Resources

      Valuable information and resources we’ve gathered for you.

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      Why Lease? IDC research underscores the top advantages of leasing IT equipment instead of purchasing.

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      Storage Lifecycle Management

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      Applying the Principles of The On-Demand Economy to Technology Consumption

      Peek into how Dell Technologies is helping customers win with innovative everything-as-a-service offerings.

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      Energize IT Investment with Payment Flexibility Program

      See how Dell Technologies is extending $9B in financing and 0% interest rates to enable business continuity in the “new normal”.** 

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    • **Payment solutions provided and serviced by Dell Financial Services L.L.C. or its affiliate or designee (“DFS”) for qualified customers. Offers may not be available or may vary in certain countries. Where available offers may be changed without notice and are subject to product availability, applicable law, credit approval, documentation provided by and acceptable to DFS and may be subject to minimum transaction size. Offers not available for personal, family or household use. Dell Technologies and the Dell Technologies logo are trademarks of Dell Inc. Restrictions and additional requirements may apply to transactions with governmental or public entities. FINANCE LEASE: At the end of the initial Finance Lease term, lessee may 1) purchase the equipment for $1 or 2) return the equipment to DFS. FAIR MARKET VALUE (“FMV”) LEASE: At the end of the initial FMV Lease term, lessee may 1) purchase the equipment for the then FMV, 2) renew the lease or 3) return the equipment to DFS. Flexible Consumption: At the end of the initial term customer may 1) extend original term or 2) return the equipment to DFS. PCaaS: At the end of the initial term customer may 1) extend original term or 2) return the equipment to DFS.

      Short-term FMV Lease: Applicable for 6, 9 or 12-month FMV Lease. Lessee’s periodic rent payments exclude taxes, fees, shipping and other charges. For qualifying Dell Latitudes, OptiPlex and Precision Workstations. Requires a minimum transaction of $1,500, maximum transaction of $500,000.

      0% Finance Lease: Applicable for DFS 24- or 36-month Finance Lease. Rate percentage for this offer does not include charges other than periodic rent payments (such as taxes, document fees, shipping, and other charges). For qualifying PowerEdge servers and Dell/EMC Storage (Data Protection, Converged Infrastructure, HCI, and Networking) and all tied services. Optional up to 180 day payment deferral available for qualified customers. Requires a minimum transaction of $1,500; maximum transaction of $500,000.

      3.99% Finance Lease Optional 90-Day Deferral: Applicable for DFS 36-month or 39-month (3 @ $0 followed by 36) Finance Leases. Rate percentage for this offer may include charges other than periodic rent payments (such as taxes, document fees, shipping). For qualifying Dell OptiPlex, Latitude, and Precisions with 3+ years Dell ProSupport or Data Security, PowerEdge servers, Dell storage (PowerVault and Compellent), Dell EMC storage, and Dell EMC networking (switches). Optional 90 day payment deferral available for qualified customers. Requires a minimum transaction of $1,500, maximum transaction of $500,000.

      Offers, including those at Dell.com may vary. Combination with other discounts may limit availability. Offer valid through July 31, 2020 to qualified business end users in the U.S.

      ^Dell Business Credit: Offered to business customers by WebBank, Member FDIC, who determines qualifications for and terms of credit. Taxes, shipping and other charges are extra and vary. Minimum monthly payments are the greater of $15 or 3% of the new balance shown on the monthly billing statement. Dell and the Dell logo are trademarks of Dell Inc. Any promotional offer is limited-time and intended for qualified customers.