• Scale without compromise.

      Drive IT transformation with the PowerEdge FX architecture to scale workloads quickly, adding resources incrementally with efficient chassis management.

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    • PowerEdge FX Solutions Brief

      PowerEdge FX Architecture Solution Brief

    • Explore PowerEdge FX products.

    • PowerEdge FX2 Chassis

      Dell EMC PowerEdge FX2 Chassis

      Flexible 2U rack-based platform with shared redundant power and cooling, I/O fabric, and management infrastructure. Chassis can be configured with half-width, quarter-width or full-width 1U compute sleds.

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    • PowerEdge FC640 Server

      Dell EMC PowerEdge FC640 Server

      Flexible, high-performance half-width, 1U, 2-socket server sled, featuring best-in class density.

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    • PowerEdge FC430 Server

      Dell EMC PowerEdge FC430 Server

      Quarter-width, 1U, 2-socket high-density server sled with the right balance of performance, memory and I/O.

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    • PowerEdge FC830 Server

      Dell EMC PowerEdge FC830 Server

      Full-width, 1U, 4-socket server sled with dense compute and memory scalability and a highly expandable storage subsystem.

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    • PowerEdge FD332 Storage Block

      Dell EMC PowerEdge FD332 Storage Block

      Half-width, 1U, 12Gb SAS storage module with up to 16 direct-attached small form factor (SFF) storage devices.

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    • PowerEdge RN410T I/O Aggregator

      Dell EMC PowerEdge FN I/O Aggregators

      I/O aggregators/switching modules that simplify network connectivity and reduce cabling by as much as 8-to-1. Available in 3 different configurations.

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    • Products Description Benefits Options

      PowerEdge FX2 Chassis

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      • Flexible 2U rack-based platform with shared redundant power and cooling, I/O fabric, and management infrastructure
      • Chassis can be configured with half-width, quarter-width or full-width 1U compute sleds
      • Innovative, uniquely small modular design supports IT resource building blocks of varying sizes for greater flexibility
      • Combines blade density and efficiency with the cost advantages of rack servers
      • Can be configured to hold half-width, quarter-width or full-width 1U blocks
      • Up to eight low-profile PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3 expansion slots
      • PowerEdge FX2s: “switched” configuration supports up to eight low-profile PCIe 3.0 expansion slots
      • PowerEdge FX2: lower-cost “unswitched” configuration does not offer expansion slots

      PowerEdge FC640 Server

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      • 14th-generation half-width, 1U, 2-socket server sled with flexibility and performance with best-in-class density
      • Great for enterprise resource planning (ERP), large virtualization environments and hybrid-cloud, on-premises businesses
      • Powerful performing processors, large memory capacity and highly scalable I/O capability
      • Up to 2TB of DDR4 memory makes it ideal for software-defined storage, databases, HPC, and big data analytics
      • Up to 4 FC640 servers per FX2 chassis
      • Up to two Intel? Xeon? Scalable processors, with up to 28 cores per processor
      • Drive bays: Up to 2 x 2.5? SAS/SATA (HDD/SSD), NVMe SSD:12.8 TB max capacity

      PowerEdge FC430 Server

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      • Quarter-width, 1U, 2-socket high-density server sled with the right balance of performance, memory and I/O
      • Great for web serving, virtualization, dedicated hosting and other midrange computing tasks
      • One of the densest solutions in the market supporting eight two-socket processors in a 2U chassis
      • Compact form factor allows more discrete physical servers to be packed into a smaller space, supporting higher levels of availability
      • Up to 8 FC430 servers per FX2 chassis
      • Two 18-core Intel? Xeon? E5-2600 v4 processors, or a single socket Intel Xeon E5-1600 v3 alternative
      • Two 1.8-inch drives or one 1.8-inch drive with a front-access mezzanine port Mellanox? InfiniBand? connection

      PowerEdge FC830 Server

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      • Full-width, 1U, 4-socket server sled, with dense compute and memory scalability and a highly expandable storage subsystem
      • Great for large-scale virtualization and database environments and business processing applications
      • Flexible virtualization with great VM density and highly scalable resources for consolidating large or performance-hungry VMs
      • Designed for data centers requiring the performance and reliability enterprise applications demand
      • Up to 2 FC830 servers per FX2 chassis
      • Up to four Intel? Xeon? processor E5-4600 v4 product family processor, with up to 22 cores per processor
      • Drive bays: Up to 8 x 2.5" SAS/SATA (HDD/SSD), NVMe SSD

      PowerEdge FD332 Storage Block

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      • Half-width, 1U, 12Gb SAS storage module. 
      • Great for software-defined storage (SDS) environments including VMware vSAN Direct, enabling high-performance, low-latency operations
      • Massive direct-attached storage (DAS) capacity, enabling a pay-as-you-grow IT model
      • Supports VMware vSAN via Dell EMC HBA330
      • Up to 3 FD332 storage blocks per PowerEdge FX2 chassis
      • Supports up to 16 small form factor 2.5" storage devices

      PowerEdge FN I/O Aggregators

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      • I/O aggregators/switching modules simplify network connectivity and reduce cabling by as much as 8-to-1
      • FN I/O Module — purpose-built for the FX2 — delivers choice for simplified network deployment and management
      • Up to 2 FN I/O modules per FX chassis
      • FN410s 4-port SFP+ I/O Module
      • FN410t 4-port 10GBASE-T I/O Module
      • FN2210s 4-port Combination Fibre Channel/Ethernet I/O Module

    • PowerEdge FX: Redefining data center agility

      • The PowerEdge FX converged architecture gives enterprises the flexibility to tailor their IT infrastructure to specific workloads, and the ability to scale and adapt that infrastructure as needs change over time. PowerEdge FX helps deliver the agility, flexibility and secure foundation that businesses need to simplify operations and increase business results.

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        Innovative modular design combines the efficiency of blade servers with the cost advantages of rack-based systems

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        Easy workload optimization via modular blocks of processing resources that can be scaled as needs arise

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        Simple, powerful management via the embedded Chassis Management Controller with an intuitive web interface

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      White Paper

      The Advantages of Automated Server Deployment

      Factory Express Automation, a scalable reference architecture that can be used in multi-vendor enterprise server environments, yielded a 75% improvement in efficiency and a 96% decrease in the deployment time of PowerEdge FX servers.

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    • PowerEdge FX Resources

    Case Studies
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      Customer Story: Tracewell Systems

      Enterprise server customization on a global scale.

      Tracewell Systems offers flexible infrastructure platforms for businesses, OEMs and government with PowerEdge FX2 and PowerEdge R740 servers.

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    • Man and Woman at Whiteboard

      Customer Story: Govers

      Innovative infrastructure fuels rapid growth.

      PowerEdge FX2 provided this Dutch accounting firm with a scalable, modern IT infrastructure to support its core business applications and the efficient processing of financial data.

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      Customer Story: AXA Assistance Italia

      More efficient IT — insured.

      Insurance company in Italy lowers management costs by 40 percent and boosts service levels by nearly a third with PowerEdge FX.

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      Big data. Huge savings.

      PowerEdge FX2 featuring PowerEdge FC640 server nodes could help your bottom line while providing speedy data analytics to meet modern challenges.

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      The advantages of on-premises cloud

      PowerEdge FX with FC640 servers and VMware software makes private cloud management a worthwhile alternative to moving to a public cloud.

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      Update your private cloud to do more in less space

      Learn how PowerEdge FX with FC640 servers handled nearly 5x the work using Apache Cassandra distributed database workloads.

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      Support Services

      Maximize productivity and uptime with the support expertise, insights and technologies we’re known for across the globe. Our ProSupport Suite doesn’t just extend your IT team, it helps you address issues before they impact your business. We are taking the “break” out of “break-fix."

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      Consulting Services

      From strategy to full-scale implementation, Dell EMC Consulting uses prescriptive approaches, best practices, and proven methodologies to help you determine how to execute your digital, IT or workforce transformation.

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      Deployment Services

      We’ve spent over 30 years building a deployment practice to supplement your deployment team and accelerate technology adoption. Trust our experts to lead deployments from basic hardware installations through planning, configuration and complex integrations.