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    Our Digital Transformation

    • Powered by our technology. Driven by our people.

      IT must be front and center when it’s supporting a 150,000-strong workforce focused on creating the technologies that drive human progress. Dell Digital, our IT organization, is leading our digital transformation journey. Using our own solutions such as Dell Technologies Cloud and Unified Workspace, Dell Digital is reimagining how it does business to meet everchanging needs, driving innovation and creating a cultural shift throughout the company.

    • Jen Felch, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, explains that in order to transform the way IT supports, enables, and interacts with the business, it required a companywide rethinking of people, processes, and technology.

    • My advice to anyone embarking on a digital transformation…get started.

      Jen Felch, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Dell Technologies
    • Taking digital transformation global

      You'll find Dell Digital team members everywhere from the U.S. to Brazil. Uniting us is a single methodology that’s focused on people, processes and technology. This methodology not only unifies how we work, it's enables us to design, develop, iterate and deliver new products and capabilities quicker than ever before.

    • One experience, everywhere

      In the office or on the go — we deliver a single experience to our team members no matter where they work. See how Unified Workspace makes it possible.

    • Partnering with Dell Digital

      What is it like for internal teams at Dell Technologies to work with Dell Digital? Find out and hear about the impact the team had.

    • Ready on day one

      From new hires to current team members, Dell Digital is transforming how our Dell team members work to help them be their best every day.

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      Digital Transformation in Action

      Find out how we’re driving out cost, creating better experiences and improving employee satisfaction throughout Dell Technologies.

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